Just Fly Paragliding

Tandem Flights - $150
Whether you just want to do something fun or learn something new, Tandem flights are a great experience, a lesson which includes the basic flight controls, soaring techniques, right of way rules and different landing approaches and techniques.

$800 P1 Beginner course – Introduction to the sport
2 days of training and up to 4 flights that includes:

$1200 P2 Novice Course – Become a safe and competent pilot
25 flights and you can become a pilot and fly without supervision

$500 P3 Intermediate Course – Learn more advanced skills
Written test, Log book to prove USHPA requirements and SIV clinic. Demonstrate Techniques:

$250/day SIV clinic – Safety in Flight training
This clinic is the best learning tool to any pilot in the world.

$50/hr (4 hours minimum) Refresher Course
Refresh your memory and come back strong with good technique and confidence on your handling. Having good judgment is the most important tool to be a safe pilot and can save you from trouble. Always be aware of your limitations and respect the weather conditions. If you are not sure, there is always tomorrow. Be a conservative JUDGE of all factors, always play safe, at the end of the day-You Are The Pilot!

$200 Observer Service
If you have an international rating and wish to become US certified, Just fly Paragliding will check your abilities, techniques log book, and administer USHPA's P1-2 exams.

There are no refunds