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no_image Gourmet PPG
Five pilots explore the rugged coast of Mexico, south of Puerto Vallarta, 200 miles of endless beaches, little fishing villages, and exotic resorts, all by…
Gourmet PPG 0 * $29.95 100
no_image Ground Handling and the Art of Kiting
Ground handling is one of the most important skills you need to learn to successfully Paraglide. Good ground handling skills make the difference between getting…
Ground Handling and the Art of Kiting 0 * $36.95 100
The GROUNDHOG is for ground-handling.

Small, simple design for easy training
Ground-handling is one of the best ways to improve your flying
Can be used to practice ground-handling…
Groundhog 0 * $0.00 100
no_image Hall Windmeter
For many years, the Hall Wind Meter has been a popular Airspeed Indicator for hang gliders, paragliders and ultralights when used with one of our…
Hall Windermeter 0 * $24.00 100
no_image Hat: Baseball Cap, Black w/USHPA Logo
Unisex baseball cap. Our popular cap is pigment-dyed and garment-washed to achieve a "lived-in" look and feel.
Color: Black with USHPA logo on front
Fabric: 100% garment-washed…
Hat: Baseball Cap, Black w/USHPA Logo 0 * $18.00 100
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