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no_image P2 Novice Course – Become a safe and competent pilot
25 flights and you can become a pilot and fly without supervision

At this stage all students are required to buy new gear from JUST FLY.
P2 0 * $1,200.00 1
no_image P3 Intermediate Course – Learn more advanced skills
Written test, Log book to prove USHPA requirements and SIV clinic. Demonstrate Techniques:

Rigging the wing under different conditions
How To abort launch under High winds and…
P3 0 * $500.00 1
no_image Paramotors: Complete Guide
Based on the 3rd edition of the book "The Bible of paramotor", this is a reference manual for all paramotor pilots. Note this book is in Portuguese 
Paramotors: Complete Guide 0 * $50.00 100
no_image Powered Paragliding Manual
The best book about Powered Paragliding (PPG) written as today. 352 full color pages of everything you need to know about this exciting sport ……
Powered Paragliding Manual 0 * $36.00 100
no_image PPG Master
Produced by Jeff Goin, the author of the PPG Bible, this is a serie of three videos for experienced pilots, Advanced Ground Handling reveals the…
PPG Master 0 * $29.95 100
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