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Propulse 100
Paramotor suitable for pilot weight from 130 lbs. to 200 lbs. Equipped with the Vittorazi Fly 100 evo engine with 18 HP 100 CC. Manual…
Propulse 100 0 * $5,600.00 100
no_image Refresher Course
Refresh your memory and come back strong with good technique and confidence on your handling. Having good judgment is the most important tool to be…
Refresher 0 * $50.00 100
no_image Risk & Reward with William Shatner
After 3 years of research and gathering video from around the world, Risk and Reward is here! A must for all pilots, beginner and advanced,…
Risk & Reward with William Shatner 0 * $29.95 100
Rush 3
The Rush 3 represents the next generation of high performance sport-intermediate class XC wings. In the continual pursuit of True Performance, our mission with the…
Rush 3 0 * $3,900.00 100
no_image Shirt: Hang Glider (black tee)
These Hang Gliding shirts are sure to grab some attention for your favorite sport. This illustrated shirt is red, blue, and light gray and features…
Shirt: Hang Glider 0 * $12.00 100
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