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The GROUNDHOG is for ground-handling.

Small, simple design for easy training
Ground-handling is one of the best ways to improve your flying
Can be used to practice ground-handling…
Groundhog 0 * $0.00 100
Icaro 2000 Skyrider TZ PPG Helmet
The Icaro 2000 Skyrider TZ PPG helmet, with optional clear visor ( $45.00), is the result of years of research in the Powered Paragliding community. Icaro took…
ICARO 2000 0 * $0.00 100
The Mag2Lite is our answer for tandem pilots who want to cut a bit of weight off of their system without greatly compromising its longevity.…
Mag2Lite 0 * $0.00 100
Mantra R12
The Mantra R12 is the latest edition of the legendary R series. The Ozone R&D team have spent the last eighteen months refining and perfecting…
Mantra R12 0 * $0.00 100
no_image Shirt: Hang Glider (black tee)
These Hang Gliding shirts are sure to grab some attention for your favorite sport. This illustrated shirt is red, blue, and light gray and features…
Shirt: Hang Glider 0 * $12.00 100
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