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The world’s first CNC-machined paramotor with enhanced chassis geometry and in-flight maneuverability.

Strap on the new Zenith and suddenly, it’s clear. A paramotor manufactured by robots…
Zenith 0 * $7,595.00 100
The XXLite is one of the most unique paragliders to ever be put into production. This modern single-surface design is the absolute ultimate in ultra-lightweight…
XXLite 0 * $2,900.00 100
no_image World Directory of Leisure Aviation
Over 1500 aircraft, with photos, descriptions and technical data. Powered paragliders, hang gliders, paragliders, microlights, homebuilts, ultralight gliders, gyros, and helicopters.
World Directory of Leisure Aviation 0 * $15.00 100
no_image Why We Fly
This much anticipated paramotor DVD by film maker Phil Russman is finally ready. The follow up to the hugely successful Gourmet PPG, the new DVD…
Why We Fly 0 * $29.95 100
no_image Weather To Fly
A much needed instructional video on meteorology. Dixon White, Master pilot and USHGA Examiner, and first Paraglider Instructor of the Year, takes you through a…
Weather To Fly 0 * $39.95 100
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