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The original Swift not only set a new standard for a class of wings, it also created a new class of paraglider. Lightweight, agile, with top of class performance and a lively but balanced feel in the air, the Swift series has provided proof of concept for lightweight performance wings and has inspired our developments not only for the Swift 2 but also for the new Alpina and LM4 wings.
At Ozone, we know that light is right, and our years of intense R&D into lightweight paraglider technology is paying off. The Swift 2 has benefitted greatly from our research not only in lightweight construction but also in high performance research, and therefore contains a combination of features that have never before been seen in the EN B class.


The Swift 2 incorporates the same revolutionary technology that made the R10 and Delta unmatched in their classes. The leading edge reinforcements and optimised tab positioning create a more solid and collapse resistant structure, meaning higher stability in turbulent conditions and better glide performance when it really counts – during real XC flights in real XC conditions. The coherent and solid leading edge also supports more frequent and more confident speed bar use in a wider range of conditions, which allows you to cover more distance with less stress.

The new technology in the Swift 2 is not confined to the leading edge, and the recent design advancements cannot be summarized as simply leading edge reinforcements. Equally important to the development of the leading edge are the improvements made in the trailing edge and a progressive line plan – both of which have made real reductions in parasitic drag. It is important to note that the new design features of the Swift 2 contribute to performance gains without reducing the passive safety of the wing, in keeping with our philosophy of True Performance.


More than a decade of light research in applications from the summit of Everest to the podium of the X-Alps has culminated in Ozone’s current range of light wings, which is the largest in the sport. The Swift 2 sits between the Geo III (mid-range EN B) and the Alpina (EN C) as our top of the line EN B light wing. Pilots who prioritize comfort over agility in the EN B class should look to the Geo III. Pilots who want the maximum amount of performance and agility possible in the EN B class will find the Swift 2 worthy of their consideration.


The Swift2 is simple and straight forward on the ground, rising smoothly without over-flying the pilot and with no tendency to hang back. The leading edge structure aids inflation in all conditions and the pitch stability of the wing is an asset in high wind launches. In turbulence, thanks to the tab positioning and leading edge design, the Swift 2 is extraordinarily pitch damp. Most importantly, rearward pitch movement has been heavily minimized and the wing has the tendency to stay overhead and push forward into rising air. In the climb, it is very efficient with a better sink rate in the turn than the original Swift. It achieves this by an ideal yaw-roll balance, which maintains a higher angle of attack in the turn while retaining excellent agility.

The Swift 2 is based on the Rush 3, and features a moderate Aspect Ratio of 5.5. By focusing on performance increases derived from ‘free’ gains in line drag and profile efficiency, we have greatly increased the glide and speed performance over the original Swift while also improving its feel in the air. The Swift 2 remains a top of class EN B wing for experienced pilots, but the level of comfort is noticeably better than its predecessor, with “cleaner” feedback transmitted to the pilot in turbulent conditions.

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