Octane FLX

Octane FLX
Octane FLX Octane FLX Octane FLX Octane FLX Octane FLX
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In the tradition of the original Octane, which redefined handling in the paragliding world, The Octane FLX is dedicated to freestyle play and acro flying.

David Dagault and Felix Rodriguez worked together on this project to create an acro wing with high passive safety for pilots of intermediate to advanced ability. This is our answer to pilots who have been asking for a wing that does all of the hottest acro manoeuvres, but with a good enough sink rate to thermal and fly comfortably… and of course with EN C / LTF 2 certification.

The Octane FLX is a compact and easy to use acro wing, with energy enough for big tumbles and lofty wingovers, and the pitch stability needed for gentle recoveries. If you are an aspiring acro pilot, or if handling and fun are an absolute priority for you, then the Octane FLX is your wing of choice.

The Octane FLX is certified EN C / LTF 2 and load tested to an incredible 18Gs!

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