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Ozone returns to the competitive acro scene with the all new Trickster. Developed during a long collaboration between Felix Rodriguez and the Ozone R&D Team, the Trickster is a completely new wing and represents a new direction in acro wing design for our team.

Although the Trickster is “Felix’s” wing, during the development process we released prototypes to pilots from around the world in places such as Organya, St Hilaire, and at many locations across the Alps. The feedback was all the same; “Forgiving, solid wingtips, responsive but gentle”. We are confident that the Trickster is one of the easiest and most precise acro wings that we (and many of our friends) have ever flown.

A carefully moderated sail tension, higher volume and highly-tuned wingtips, a more efficient profile, and a specially reinforced leading edge all combine to make the Trickster very stable across the entire range of modern acro maneuvers. Whether you are just learning the Infinite Tumble, or perfecting longer sequences for competition on the Acro World Cup, the Trickster will allow you to execute your tricks cleaner and with less effort than ever before.

The Ozone Team’s years of advanced paraglider design experience, Felix’s intensive testing in the field, and everything that we have learned about performance profiles in recent years has been aptly applied to this exciting new wing. Although the Trickster is designed especially for the most serious acro maneuvers, Felix’s final testing included a flight to the summit of Mt Blanc (4810m), where he top landed and then re-launched to fly out over Chamonix, and set a new foot launch world record for Infinite Tumbles.

The Trickster is available in 17m, 18.5m, 20m sizes, and comes standard with our new Acro Brake handles.

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