Mantra R12

Mantra R12
Mantra R12
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The Mantra R12 is the latest edition of the legendary R series. The Ozone R&D team have spent the last eighteen months refining and perfecting the R11 to suit the highly demanding requirements of expert pilots who are searching for the best possible high performance XC wing. With refined handling and a more comfortable feel in flight, the R12 retains all of the glide performance of the R11 but with more intuitive and direct handling. It is for expert pilots who require uncompromised high performance for the most serious XC flying.

The R12 shares the same planform, arc and shark-nose profile as the R11, but includes several modifications to further improve its feel and behavior. Tension across the entire wing, but most notably in the trailing edge, has been modified. As a result, the wing has a tighter feel and more cohesive behavior in turbulent air. The brake fan has also been modified to improve handling and the overall feel of the glider.

These refinements contribute to a more linear brake response. The wing is now more direct and responsive to brake input, which helps improve the initial turn response and the precision during the turn. It is very precise and maneuverable. The improved responsiveness of the brakes also helps manage the wing in turbulent air. There is a more direct feel compared to the R11 and the information through the brakes is more predictable making pitch control easier to manage and more effective. Because the R12 is an uncompromised XC wing, and because the XAlps R11 prototypes proved to be very nice, the R12 uses 27g cloth for the undersurface. The resulting reduction in weight increases the precision and feel in the air and makes the wing overall nicer to fly.

The R12 is fast. It is faster than any certified paraglider and has more than enough top speed for efficient XC flights. However, compared to the R11, the top speed has been reduced. this is a result of the modified trailing edge tension and the fact that there is no longer a need for such a high top speeds for racing in final glides. Although very stable, the R12 can still react aggressively to closures in severe turbulence, just like any other Open Class wing. Only consider this wing if you have the necessary experience and skills to fly such wings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the R12 is very comfortable to fly, it is still an Open Class wing and is solely meant for highly expert pilots who know how to fly an Open Class wing.

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