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Buzz Z4
Buzz Z4 Buzz Z4 Buzz Z4 Buzz Z4 Buzz Z4
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The Ozone R&D Team is obsessed with the improvement of our entire range, but the Buzz series receives extraordinary care and attention during the development process. The Z3 was, in many ways, one of the best paragliders that we have ever produced, and is the wing that several of us at Ozone choose to fly in our free time. Our mission for the Z4 was to retain the incredible balance of comfort and agility that made the Z3 one of our all-time favorites and add some of the performance enhancing design features that have trickled down from the Ozone Performance Project. The Z4 has now benefitted from much of what we have learned from our highest performing wings, such as the Enzo and R12.

  • 13% line drag reduction from Z3!
  • Refined cell openings at leading edge
  • Mini ribs at trailing edge
  • New leading edge shaping for improved performance
  • Clean, light weight sail planform for agility and ease of launch
  • 6 sizes enable you to choose the section of the weight range you want to fly in, and ensures you have a wing that is tailored to your size
  • And for those who are interested, the Z4’s glide performance has increased significantly (0.6) over the Z3.​

All of this means that the Z4 is, in our opinion, the new standard for versatility in the intermediate class. No other wing that we have flown offers such an attractive balance of XC performance and total comfort and ease of use. With its performance upgrade, the Z4 is a highly capable XC wing that will deliver long stress-free flights to veteran XC pilots or to newer low airtime pilots.


The Intermediate class provides the perfect intersection of performance and comfort, and the Z4 has hit the mark perfectly with performance that is normally associated with the classes above, but ease of use that makes this wing ideal for talented beginners. In real XC conditions, the Z4 is highly pitch stable, remaining efficient in turbulent climbs and glides.


The Z4 is comfortable above all else. The handling is highly intuitive, with an even more progressive feel than the Z3 and understandable but gentle feedback in active air. Centering on the lift has never been more simple, thanks to the highly progressive nature of the brake travel; as you begin to turn in lift, the wing tends to “bite” into it and the tightening of the turn comes naturally. The wing feels highly compact, with a perfect coordination of roll and yaw in the climb.


We have retained all of the Z3’s solidity in active air, while adding in several “free” performance increases thanks to improvements in drag reduction. We are very happy to report that although the performance is significantly improved, the aspect ratio has remained the same which means that none of the negative effects of an increased aspect ratio have detracted from its character.

Whether you are a recent graduate or a veteran XC pilot, you will instantly appreciate the Z4’s stability and glide across its entire speed range in active air.

New techniques in sail construction and improved materials have yielded a 13% reduction in line drag, and a more efficient leading edge has increased smoothness, efficiency and pitch stability for a better feel and better glide performance in real XC conditions.

The Buzz Z4 is an ideal choice for pilots who fly approximately 30-50 hours per year, or for more experienced pilots who are searching for a wing with high levels of passive safety and comfort in the Intermediate Class. The lengthy development process of the Z4 has been more than worth it, and we are confident that the best-selling Buzz series will attract even more followers with this newest edition. We look forward to hearing about your flights, so please let us know what you think. Cheers, from all the Ozone Team!

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