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The original Geo redefined its class of lightweight wings. Pilots who want a lightweight wing that fits into the middle of the EN B Category yet still has an acceptable amount of performance and durability for everyday flying have found a friend in the Geo and Geo II. The new Geo III is now an evolution of its predecessors, but with even greater comfort and ease of use. This is the most comfortable and easy to use all-around light wing that we have ever flown. The Geo III is also the lightest Geo we have ever built, at 4.1kg for the ML size.

For pilots wanting a light wing, but with no compromise in comfort, accessibility, durability, and versatility.

  • Developed from the highly successful Buzz Z3
  • Key words for the Geo III are accessibility, comfort, safety, and precision, with good performance in the EN B category.
  • Porcher 36gm cloth has proven to be the ideal top surface material after 6 years of use in the Ozone range. This cloth provides the perfect balance between weight and durability.
  • Porcher 27gm bottom surface, proven ideal after years of use in the Ultralite range.
  • Internal ribs and structure: 40gm hard finish, for maximum durability and long lasting performance.
  • Nylon rods for leading edge reinforcement.
  • Your choice of lightweight Dyneema risers (250gm lighter), or 12mm aramid core, polyester sheath.
  • 900g lighter than the Geo II, with no sacrifice in durability.

Ozone’s research into light wing construction began in 2001 with the introduction of the Peak, continued during the first ever X-Alps race in 2003, the Geo in 2005, and more recently the Ultralite, Geo II, and Swift. The Geo III is now the latest evolution in the Geo legacy. The Geo III appeals to a wide range of pilots who are considering a light wing for travel and adventure flying. Although it features a high level of passive safety and comfort for the EN B class, the Geo III is also a solid XC wing with glide performance that will appeal to talented beginners and experienced pilots alike.

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